Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a unique choice, as each product is a natural stone, and no two stones are the same. Your Granite countertops will have their own one-of-a-kind collection of fissures and pores, adding a natural and beautiful component to your project. Granite countertops are a tough and durable choice for your interior spaces. They can withstand the elements, and so are recommended for outdoor usages as well. They come in a wide variety of natural colors and patterns. We’re happy to fabricate your Granite countertops with any of our standard top-edge profiles. These included ⅛” eased round, ¼” pencil round, ½” half-bullnose round, or a bevel edge. Please let us know if you’d like us to match the bottom edge with the top edge. Customers often use undermount sinks in their Granite countertops. We’re happy to provide a quote for one of our undermount kitchen or vanity sinks. We offer some stainless steel or granite composite kitchen sinks, as well as porcelain vanity sinks. Otherwise, we’d be happy to install an undermount sink that you provide. To view samples of our Granite products, please call and schedule a visit to our showroom in Arena.

Caring for your Granite Countertops

Our Granite is treated with a non-toxic penetrating sealer, which is safe for food preparation surfaces. We recommend cleaning your Granite countertops regularly with a Granite cleaner or mild soap, rinsed afterwards with warm water. We will seal your Granite countertops at installation. We recommend re-sealing your Granite countertops every year. It’s a simple process, consisting of applying the sealer and wiping the excess off after a few minutes. Since your Granite countertops are all natural stone, they will have fissures and pits. These fissures and pits usually pose no structural problems. Fissures are often visible and can appear to look like “spider veins” or “cracks.” Whenever possible, we try to avoid any large fissures by cutting around them. If it’s necessary to reinforce a fissure, we will fill it with resin and/or reinforce it with mesh on the underside. Once filled with resin, they become structurally stronger than the Granite itself. Fissures and pits are natural characteristics of the stone, and are not considered to be defects. Granite is less absorbent than most surfaces. It is commonly used as building material for exteriors, due to its ability to withstand wind, snow, and rain. It’s a good product for kitchen countertops because of its ability to repel water, and to stay hygienic and clean. Granite is resistant to stains, though any liquid spills should be cleaned up promptly. Water can soak into a Granite countertop and leave a dark spot. However, the water will evaporate and the spot will disappear. Oily liquids that do not evaporate may stain the countertop. Most stains can be removed from the stone. We recommend calling us for stain removal. Granite is a highly scratch-resistant stone. However, it is not scratch-proof. We recommend always using a cutting board. Granite is heat resistant, and can withstand the heat of most cooking pans. Very high heat may dull the surface of the stone. We recommend using trivets or insulated pads under very hot pots and pans. Please do not use vinegar, lemon juice, or cleaners containing acids or abrasives on your Granite countertops. Please do not leave coffee, wine, or other darkly-pigmented liquid spills on your Granite countertops, as the stone may stain.